Point-Of-Care Diagnostic

Introduction: As early diagnosis is the key for prevention and control of life threatening diseases, however, this is not possible in rural settings in India where the availability of expert clinicians and diagnostic centres are sparse and often inaccessible due to high costs.

To bridge the gap, iKure’s WHIMS is accompanied with low-cost portable, point of care diagnostics to assist early screening and diagnosis of diseases. Loaded on smart phone devices, community health workers, use it as diagnostic tool to diagnose patients in remote locations. Supported with basic medical equipment like Sphygmomanometer, ECG, Glucometer, Phonocardiogram, it is carried by CHWs along with medic bags to assist hemoglobin tests, urine and blood sugar test, body temperature, BP etc. Utilizing cloud-based operating system that functions via a smartphone WHIMS can be used and read with minimal training.

WHIMS enabled point of care diagnostics simplify the use of technology and makes it a viable solution in remote areas where trained medical professionals are scarce.

WHIMS has also been upgraded with other technology innovations to eliminate the need for skilled technicians. Like cancer detecting smartphone enabled portal camera, biometric mapping and digitized health cards, mobile based inventory management etc. These applications increase the efficacy of local health workers, operating via smartphone technology. These technology innovations develop skills and provide income generation scope for CHWs and also work towards women's empowerment in rural settings.



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