OPD Services

Introduction: WHIMS enabled OPD services can help hospitals in many ways. It can improve quality of care, decrease hospital expenses, increase communication between patients, doctors hospital staff.

Here are few more features of WHIMS that can expedite various OPD functioning of health centres manifolds:

Patient Management:  This feature of WHIMS can enable hospitals to capture patients’ demographic data during registration and create unique ID numbers. Both centralized and local appointments are taken care of and data entry can be done at centralized places at a later stage, which allows clinic operations to go unhindered.

Billing Rules Engine:  This feature takes care of the end-to-end requirements of a health center's billing system. Consultation & treatment tariff are maintained in the rules engine and along with which the system gives comprehensive reports on payment collection, dues and allied service amounts. The financial data can be accessed real time by management anytime, anywhere.

Medical Information: This feature gives complete patient health profile and treatment-related information created over multiple patient-visits. Diagnosis, treatment plans, prescriptions, diagnostic reports etc. can be managed through this module.

Patient Escalation: Upload patient reports/suggest a nutrition/diet plans to patients and refer them to other hospitals when necessary. Create appointments online in other hospitals.

Materials & Inventory Management: Materials management encompasses purchase and store functions, enabling definition of master data, transactions, transfers, reconciliation, returns & expiry and all types of stocks such as Medicines & Inventory.

Pharmacy: Opening & closing stock, reorder levels, pharmacy billing, transactions, reconciliation, reporting and all types of pharmacy management.



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