Snapshots from field

  • jhsds

    Villagers at one of iKure's clinics

  • dsffsd

    A CHW feeding data into WHIMS 

  • dsffsd sfdf

    Pregnant women waiting at iKure's Mother & Child Intervention Centre in Karnataka

  • dsffsd sfdf

    New mothers with their children in Hubli, Karnataka.  

  • dsffsd sfdf

    At iKure's eye clinic, in partnership with Essilor, in a village in West Midnipore

  • Torpa Jharkhand

    Meeting with the villagers & Federation members in Torpa, Jharkhand

  • tabageria eye

    Our patient after eye operation

  • tabageria eye team

    Our Tabageria , west midnapore, west bengal Hub location team with doctor, paramedics , operations team and health workers.

  • torpa camp

    Hemoglobin test by community Health worker. With this portable device patients at the last mile will be screened for Anemia. Timely health intervention will help us bring reduction of Maternal deaths in these remote terrain.

  • torpa camp opening

    One of our clinic opening in Torpa, Jharkhand

Conferences and Awards

  • dsffsd

    Sujay Santra, Founder & CEO of iKure, with Hon'le President Shri Pranab Mukherjee, with the other Ashoka Fellows '15 

  • dsffsd sfdf sdsa

    iKure receiving the ISBA Jury Award, 2013. 

  • GSBI Social Entrepreneurs

    GSBI Social Entrepreneurs 2014 from across the world representing 12 countries.

  • dsffsd sfdf sdsa

    iKure, winner in the Healthcare, Water & Sanitation category at Sankalp Forum, 2014.

  • dsffsd sfdf sdsa

    iKure's journey covered in Doc N Doc Magazine

  • dsffsd sfdf sdsa
  • dsffsd sfdf sdsa

    Sujay Santra, Founder & CEO of iKure, at the National Conference for Social Innovation, 2015. iKure was selected as one of the top 10 social innovators in India. 

Featured In

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