Eye Services

Over 15 million people in India are blind and vision impaired and less than 3% of doctors have specialist training in vision care. The disparity is highly prominent in rural regions where the demand of effective eye care remains largely unfulfilled. The majority of the people in rural locations suffer from refractive blindness resulting from extortionate travel time and costs of getting pair of eye glasses.

Through certified ophthalmologist, iKure provides end-to-end preventive and curative care for eye ailments. iKure Hub clinic equipped with point-of-care devices, team of health workers and optometrist screen for common eye disorders, refraction errors, and cataract. A glass dispensing unit also ensures those in need of spectacles are provided branded eye glasses at a very nominal price. For remote patients, iKure conducts health camps, where the iKure medical team conducts community mobilization and health awareness activities and interacts with the patients to sensitize them on critical eye issues. The CHW counsels them and brings critical patients to the hub.

Thus, through combination of expertise, technology and telemedicine platform, iKure provides access to affordable and quality eye care for the needy and the deprived.

Services: Eye checkup, Refraction testing, Cataract testing, Glaucoma testing, Diabetic retinopathy, Refraction errors & providing branded spectacles at affordable rate.


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